To play audio files, hit ■Click■.  Because they are taped in the office kitchen, some of them include noise such as door sound, conversation sound, etc.  Also, their condition is sometimes not good due to reception of the television.  If the sound volume is big or small, please adjust it with the audio function on your computer.



DATE means the day when they were on the air.


TITLE briefly describes the conversation you can hear in each audio file and when you hit the letters of each TITLE, you can move to a page like below.

DATE は録音の放映日です。TITLE では録音の中で話される会話の内容をひとことで説明します。こちらをクリックしますと、↓↓のような画面に移ります。

This consists of a small table telling you a story overview, HINT, FULL TEXT and, if any, EXPRESSIONS.


STORY will give you story information more in detail.  Usually, two characters are speaking, whose names you can find in the boxes SPEAKER1 and SPEAKER2.


RANK is information regarding how the English conversation might sound.  You can mostly see two words.  The first one means clearness of the conversation.  Sometimes, it may be the character's feelings because feelings often affect how clearly characters speak.  The second word shows you how fast they speak.  RANK doesn't have any standard.  It is just subjective.


HINT gives you ideas of the number of words spoken and the length of each word.  It also include person's name and uncommon words.  HINT will help you listen better.

If you print the page, you can write down on the paper what you have listened to.  If you copy and paste HINT portion on blank Word sheet on your computer set in A3 or 11x17, you can type on the sheet what you have listened to.

By comparing your answer to FULL TEXT below, you will know how much you understand the conversation.


FULL TEXT includes the whole conversation except for some parts that we had a big difficulty in understanding, which is represented by ***.


In EXPRESSIONS, English slang and other expressions which may interest you are introduced.  Here, you can get familiar with American culture as well as live American English.


こちらのページは、ストーリの概要と、HINT、FULL TEXT、EXPRESSIONS で構成されます。STORY ではすこし詳しく会話の内容や背景を説明します。SPEAKER1、SPEAKER2 は録音に登場するキャラクターの名前です。RANK は、録音の会話がどの程度はっきりと、どの程度のスピードで話されているかの目安です。目安ですので、明確な基準はありません。HINT では、単語の数、各単語の長さが示されています。人物の名前、聞き慣れない単語なども表示しますので、リスニングの参考に。HINT の部分をプリントアウトしたり、ワードのページにコピーアンドペースト(用紙はA3に設定)しますと、リスニングの問題を解くようにしてお使いいただけます。FULL TEXT では全文を掲載します。*** は聞き取り不能を意味します。EXPRESSIONS では、会話に出てくる英語スラング、その他の表現を取り上げます。

At last, please be advised NOT TO REPRODUCE ANY MATERIALS in this site including audio files.