What is this page?

This website is to provide drills and improve your English listening ability using The Young & the Restless.

こちらのサイトでは、The Young & the Restless を教材として用い、英語リスニング力向上のためのドリルを提供します。

What is The Young & the Restless?

The Young & the Restless is an American Soap Opera that has been on television since 1973.  In 2013, the show celebrated 40 years on television.


The show is on five days a week for one hour.


It mainly centers around two wealthy families, the Abbotts and the Newmans, and includes the corporate revalry between their two respective companies.  The personal lives of both the Abbott and the Newmans are a major focus.  Victor Newman is the head of the Newman family and Jack Abbott is the head of the Abbott family and they are never in good terms.


The Young & the Restless とは、1973年から続いているアメリカのメロドラマです。2013年には放送40周年を迎えました。放送は平日に1時間。話は、Abbott一族とNewman一族という超セレブと、その一族がそれぞれに経営する会社を中心に展開します。両一族のセレブたちの人生にもスポットライトが当たります。Victor Newman はNewman一族の、Jack Abbott はAbbott一族の総元締めですが、二人が手を取り合うことはまずあり得ないようです。

Who prepares the page?

RYOICHI NAKAYAMA is working at a small office for a Japanese company in Michigan, U.S.A.  He loves watching Y&R over lunch and is very interested in English.


DIANE GUNTHER is kind of an English teacher as well as a co-worker of Ryoichi.  She loves watching Y&R, too and probably (Yes:)) likes teaching English to Ryoichi.


RYOICHI NAKAYAMA:アメリカはミシガン州のとある日系企業に勤める会社員。ランチタイムにY&Rを視聴。英語に興味あり。

DIANE GUNTHER:Ryoichiの職場の同僚。Y&Rが大好き。Ryoichiにとっては英語の先生でもあります。

Who can use and how?

Anybody from anywhere in the world that is learning English and is also interested in very entertaining American soap opera.  First of all, you can hear an audio file again and again.  If you can't catch some parts of it, don't worry about it! Hints can help you.


If you still don't have any idea what they are saying, no problem!  You can see the manuscript.


Still not understand?  Never mind.  Ryoichi doesn't completely hear it!  Moreover, they speak so fast that Diane sometimes has trouble with them.


英語を学習中の方、アメリカのメロドラマを楽しみたい方、どなたでもご利用いただけます。まずは録音をくり返し聞いてみてください。聞き取れない部分があればヒントを参考に。それでも聞き取れなければ、模範解答へ。こたえをみたけど。。。という方へ、実は私も完璧には聞き取れないです(泣)Diane でさえたまに、聞き取り不能と言っています!

What's the good point?

In the soap opera, they have more than 20 characters speaking English in totally different ways.  Even the same person talks differently depending on how he/she feels at that time.  Certainly, it is a good way to become accustomed to various way to hear English.


Another point is to learn many kinds of English expressions including slang in conversations.  It is fun to know what live English is like!  The exciting story can be fun, too.